Air Canada Foundation

Air Canada Foundation

The Air Canada Foundation renews its support

Thanks to renewed support from the Air Canada Foundation, our loyal partner in our mission, young people and school staff can fully benefit from our awareness and mental health workshops.

When our facilitators visited one of the schools we are involved in, we were treated to a wonderful testimonial from Vicky Larose, Student Success Advisor at École forestière de La Tuque:

“This program needs to continue, because there is a growing number of young people with mental health problems. It’s a tough subject, but it shouldn’t be taboo. We should talk about it to better help people … Mental health is a part of us … So we should learn how to navigate it.

Thank you very much for the presentation at our school. It was a gift that let us talk about real matters, while keeping the mood light-hearted and humorous. Thank you on behalf of all the participants, because you never know when you’ll lose your equilibrium, so it’s better to take all the information you can get to be better informed. I wish the program every success.”

A big thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to the Air Canada Foundation for this gift that has given so many young people the tools they need to take flight! ❤️

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